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Aging Movement - Online Programming

Aging Movement - Online Programming

SKU: 364215375135191

The Aging Movement Online Training Program includes:

  • Personalized online training catered to your needs and goals
  •  Programming to increase mobility and strength with daily movements to prevent injury. 
  • Habib Fitness grip socks are included in your first purchase. 
  • Geared towards Seniors (65+) or special circumstances. 


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    Aging Movent Online Training Program includes:

    - Personalized Programming to adress specific weaknesses and imbalances

    - Grip socks to help prevent injury 



    Habib Fitness does not do refunds or returns at this time due to the online nature of the business. 


    Habib Fitness Grip Socks are hand made and will be shipped as soon as possible.

  • Satisfaction Policy

     Personal Training takes time and results will be tangible months after starting. It is imperative the client is patient. Coaching is priced per week or month to give you flexibility in these uncertain times. At this moment we cannot give refunds for coaching sessions that have already occured. Feel free to rescheduale due to these uncertain times. Cancellation policy subject to change.

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