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Alexma Chocoza's Athletic Movement Programming Testimonial

Alexma came to me as a client interested in joining UCLA Club Rugby. Her goal was to start conditioning for her sport. Here is her testimonial:

I always struggled to find a workout routine that kept me engaged and consistent. When I met Aliya and told her my goal, which was to gain muscle and lose fat, she made sure to situate a plan that kept me on my toes. It was manageable as a full-time college student and part-time employee. Having a warm-up and cool-down attached on my workout days was amazing because it helped me not get hurt and remember to stretch as a form of recovery, especially in the beginning where new muscles were being worked out. After the first week, I was definitely sore, but I felt the most motivated ever. Everything she had created for me was doable and pushed me to the point where I felt proud and grew confident. I finally enjoyed running after years of hating it. I fell in love with the gym again. I fell in love with the tears and sweat I shed. I fell in love with myself again and I was finally able to look into a mirror feeling proud. The attention and motivation Aliya gives you during your journey is more than what is expected, but you can tell she cares. She will listen to you and make you feel strong, confident, and cared for. This was the best choice I ever did and I would keep doing it over.

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